The Story of The Money Cake

History of The Money Cake

Aunt MaryAnn

The Money Cake concept was started by my auntie MaryAnn who has incredible creativity and a Ms. Betty Crocker. She was a perfectionist and I was neither that or a great baker. I wanted a way to make it easy for my customers.

I designed a plate with one solid spout. The first 25 were made out of metal. I didn't like that customers had to figure out the base. I kept going to the store and trying to find bases that would work with the plate..

I consulted my husband and discussed what I was trying to accomplish. He sat down with a paper and pencil and voila! came up with the current design. We added 3 different sizes of spouts for various sizes of cakes. The concept of the envelope sleeves came from my children who were using baby bottles which required bags. The Money Cake Kit has touched many lives and sparks joy and surprises!.

Founder Eleanor G. Lee

Founder's Mom with $600.00