How to Use Your MoneyCake

First, What is the occasion?

  • Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, Wedding, Baby Shower, First Holy Communion, etc.

Second, decide what and how you want to be creative.

  • Bake, buy or have someone make a cake?

  • Bake an 8" - 10" round cake in minutes!

    (Can be done using your own baking pans. Do not use the cake kit in oven)

  • Towel cake

  • Gift bag

  • Popcorn Display

  • You Decide!

The beauty of The Money Cake is you can combine an edible cake, gift bag, candy/popcorn display, etc. and the surprise gift money in one package! With a fraction of your time, it will be worth making a life-time memory for the guest of honor.

• Cake Top Plate, the Ring and Base, 3 spouts, 3 rolls of 50 bags each.
• One paper template (more templates can be downloaded here).

ALL YOU NEED: scissors, knife or spatula, scotch tape, ribbon about
5 to 12" long (optional), and/or decorative top (optional)


NOTEAbsolutely no part of The Money Cake Kit is intended to be used in the actual baking of the cake. The cake display stand is designed for display purposes only. However the durable plastic display stand can be washed and reused for many parties to come.


RECOMMENDATIONThe plastic bags should be thrown away after each use. You can order four money envelope bags for $5.00 plus shipping.