About The Money Cake

Our History

Money Cake in UseThe concept of The Money Cake originated in the eighties in a small northern town of New Mexico called Santa Cruz. It is a creation of my aunt Maryann, who wanted an inventive way to present her daughter with money for her 15th birthday.

She experimented with ways to attach dollar bills to each other so they could be pulled out of a cake. Eventually she fashioned the money into a small, tight roll and hid it carefully in a hollowed-out cake.

As her daughter pulled out bill after bill of the 100 one-dollars, everyone cheered. Family and friends asked aunt Maryann to make The Money Cake for them and soon she was designing fun, novelty birthday cakes for parties large and small that were always received with great fanfare.Click to purchase The Money Cake

As a Business owner, I've had the delight of watching the reaction of the recipient when they're asked to pull on the cake decoration. They timidly pull on the topper, then they see the dollars coming out, their faces light up and they begin to enthusiastically pull out the seemingly endless collection of money. It's fun to watch everyone cheering and clapping as the smile on the recipient's face grows bigger. The best part is when someone curiously inspects the cake to see where the money came from.

You don't have to worry about baking the perfect cake. In fact, store bought cakes work great! If you have no time, use another strategy such as a gift bag, candy or popcorn display, etc. The point is to have fun and enjoy watching the smiles for years to come. I truly hope you enjoy this product as much as I do!

How To Make The Money Cake